Sun Fatigue

Sunblock will never block the fatigue of being in the sun for hours on end. When the trail driver is driving a team that is going to be physically baking in the sun all day on a road, there are some unique tools that the trail driver will need to bring. 

Hail the beach sarong! 

The power of a women’s beach cover-up. If you’ve ever traveled to the tropics you will know what a giant beach sarong looks like. It’s a very thin cotton square that’s almost the size of a mini blanket and is sold on every beach across the globe.  Women tie them around their waist to look like a skirt, or they will tie them around their neck to make it look like a dress. You also see them being used as a beach blanket for an entire family. They dry nearly instantly when they are wet. 

Depending on the size of your team you will want one of these to help reduce the sun stress on your athletes either while they’re resting or if they are running on the trail they can wrap themselves in it on the trail. 

The point is to give as much of the body a rest from being in the sun while also giving the body a chance to have cooling air next to it

For a runner if there is even a whiff of wind it will be like the heavens above sending a personal fan.  Some trail drivers choose to have these be wet.  I prefer to hand them out dry to wick off moisture. 

If you are serving a team that is moving with some sort of mechanical device they are also helpful to just shade their machinery from the direct sun while they are at a pit stop.  Most of the time the only shade you get in an area like this is whatever can be attached to the vehicle. 

Trail well.

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