Trail Driving Birthday

pixel1 chocolate-cupcake-1014635

How does the everyday person start to bring endurance athletics into their everyday life?

My first recommendation is to create a birthday celebration (in your sport of choice) that is longer than you would normally go as a solo athlete.

A celebration is a time to invite people into your life to do something that is fun and maybe a little different. For those of you who are learning how to trail drive, this is an easy entry level place to start learning how to manage the trail. It’s also a time that younger people can learn to manage endurance athletes, because it’s not high stress.

The “30 miles for your 30th birthday” as a run is a perfect example of inviting people at many different athletic levels to participate. You’ll also need to have someone managing those guests at mileage intervals.

A new trail driver can have really very little experience and still do a great job because they will not have a huge distance and a huge team to manage.

So if you are an endurance athlete, it might be time to start training in your back up crew by having a cupcake celebration at every 10-20 mile interval while just enjoying the day.  

Trail well.

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