We Love Pie!


The ability to keep your team wanting to consume fuel is always difficult in long trail activities. So many foods become dicey when the body is in constant distress.

That means a trail driver has to have a few small items that will override their team’s desire to eat.  And I will tell you nothing has made the “Thank Sweet Heaven” list more often than pie.

Now the key is to have a really good looking pie, one that will override any other message that their body is getting. Yes, I am talking about food porn.

Key lime pie can turn the tide on a hot afternoon, plus the few bites they will accept will have a tremendous amount of pure fuel to delight the gut into delivering happy things to the bloodstream as quickly as possible. Tummies like food, and actual food will keep your athletes healthier on the trail.

Over the years we’ve had some other winners – fresh cherry pie in fall, and in cold harsh climates a hot apple pie or oatmeal will win them over.  I absolutely will try to make sure they smell that delicious cinnamon to get them to crave food.  (We will talk about cold trail running in a different blog.)

My advice is to showcase using the powers of sight and smell.  If you have ever smelled a great breakfast that made you hungry, you know exactly what I mean.

Take a minute and set up shop – a bigger pie with smaller takeaway bites so they can choose to just take one bite or pilot an entire piece into the pie hole and settle in with a few extra recovery minutes to sit and enjoy a sweet guilty pleasure.

Pie is your friend.

Trail well.

Good Clean Fun!

public domain water

Let me introduce you to the beloved “Squirt Shower.”

Outdoor athletic activities can be messy and dirty. A great trail driver will do everything in their power to keep their athletes feeling like they can do the impossible, and sometimes that’s all about being squeaky clean.

Grizzled endurance athletes absolutely want you to think that they don’t want to be babied, but they really do.  So when they’re coming in for a rest stop be sure to offer a way to clean them up.

When an athlete is out on the trail and sweating, every disgusting bit of the world is going to stick to them: everything from pollen, cotton, dirt, rocks, sap, hay, sand, clay, and gnats will adhere itself to legs, necks, backs and arms.  And if you’ve ever done a road trip across the country and looked at your windshield, you can imagine how many bugs hit athletes.

That’s why I always keep about six squirt showers ready for athletes during a rest stop. Make sure the bottles are easy to squeeze because athletes will have a difficult time squeezing hard because of the nature of how the body is going to move blood flow during athletic performance. Fingers don’t get as much good blood flow as hearts and lungs do. Have squirt top bottles that are filled with 99.5% water and a little bit of unscented dish soap.

Now if you’ve never had somebody wash you off I’m going to tell you right now, I am brutally serious about the NO scent part. Nobody wants to smell like a Hawaiian vacation on the road and it will make them hate you, PLUS it can make them nauseous (and for those of you who have read my blog over time there’s nothing more disgusting to manage than chow blowing).

It really is a quick and easy love-up by lightly squirting down a towel and wiping them off, or having them sit with feet raised so they don’t get their shoes wet while you squirt directly on their legs or arms. That will clean off the environmental goo that has attached to them. The goal is to just get the road debris off of them and get them back on the road.

If you’ve ever gone into the shower as a disgusting, grunting, dirt pile in bad mood and come out a refreshed and a boldly better human being, you will completely understand the power of the squirt shower.

Trail well.