Cold Water Crotch

hans ice-cubes-1194499Yes I’m going to talk about crotch and when you’re going to want to apply ice.

I have not met a man yet that thinks it’s a great idea to put ice on his gear, but if they want to recover faster from heat while on the trail, they’re going to want to try on an ice crotch.

It’s summer again and this is when athletes frequently become overextended in the heat. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are really crucial items to watch out for in endurance athletes. For your male athletes who are not sweating enough, not only is wrapping them in ice blankets helpful, but it’s also helpful to apply a nice icy pack right to the groin.

I’m not saying you have to have an extended stay visit with groin icing, but cooling that area down will absolutely speed the recovery process and sometimes by as much as 40%. The cooler moisture will also help keep that area a little more refreshed when they get back on the trail.

If you have this gear you will know exactly what I mean by refreshed. You’re not looking to get that area really wet to induce chafing, you’re really looking to just give it a nice ice.

Trail well.

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