Seven Magical Things to Add to Your Medical Kit

Because I’ve seen so many different kinds of injuries over the years from athletes, one of the things that I have been attentive to is my first aid kit. I have an extraordinary group of things that are put in my kit that have saved the day on different locations

1. Swiss Army knife – I have used that Swiss Army knife to do everything from pop blisters, take out road rash, cut toenails that rub, and even just open a bag of Skittles.

2. A lighter – useful if I have to burn shoe laces to make them lace up again, or need to open a package, or light a sparkler.


3. Flashlight – this is a critical item, and always have extra batteries on hand too.

4. Chapstick – the sun is a brutal and ferocious beast, and sometimes Chapstick can save your lips not just from sun, wind and frost, but also from panting. Chapstick can also be used elsewhere on the body where you need lubrication, not just on the lips.

5. Multipurpose tool – this is an absolute lifesaver in fixing gear, pulling nails out of tires, or simply used to open pop cans that break.

6. Rubber bands are the near-glue of the world. They can keep ice packs in place, they can hold towels on, they can also be critical in keeping groups of items together in your gear bag.

7. Old fashioned gauze – it is a miracle from the heavens and will relieve aching in shoes or throbbing, chafing man junk. Gauze is not just for breakfast anymore!

Trail well.

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