Adding Six Hot Proteins From Restaurants to SAG Wagon

One of the treats that athletes need later in many endurance activities is the addition of protein rich hot foods. When adding in hot foods, you should really look at items that the athlete can eat and not regret throwing up.

Some foods to consider are foods that are physically light weight.

Flat crust cheese pizza is a great fit – keep the pieces very small and

Hot toasty cheese bread will deliver salty goodness, fast energy, and protein.

Egg white omelette on toast, cut into bite-size pieces.

Baked beans in a sauce container about the size of a shot glass.

Grilled chicken – cut into pieces with no additional sauce.

Lasagna that is cut into small bites about the size of a shot glass.

The critical thing to remember with proteins are that hot protein given to an endurance person should be given in small doses and preferably more often. When athletes are doing more than 25 miles in one day, protein (and specifically hot protein) is a real endurance additive.

Trail well.

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