Ten Items to Pack with the Trail Messenger

A Trail Messenger is someone who is riding next to the endurance athletes on a bicycle and has emergency gear, or is managing pacing.

The Trail Driver usually puts together a backpack that the Trail Messenger takes with them.

Consider these items for the Trail Messenger’s bag:

1. Pick a bag that can withstand rain.cyclist-969528_1920
2. Put a cell phone in a Ziploc bag and have an extra Ziploc bag along too.
3. A multipurpose tool.
4. Instant calories that the athletes can use for a boost – like GU packets.
5. Instant caffeine for the athletes to use to gain a little momentum.
6. An extra plastic shopping bag to use to pick up debris.
7. Kleenex, paper towels  and emergency butt wipes.
8. Small medical kit including sunblock.
9. Hand towel that can be wet down to use as a cooling-off agent for the athlete.
10. Cash and quarters -sometimes you just have to stop on the road and pick up something and sometimes there is a random lemonade stand (not kidding). 

Trail well.

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