What is a SAG Wagon?

As someone who has been supporting athletes while they create some of the greatest triumphs of their lives, I will tell you the SAG wagon is not for those who are sagging behind – it is short for “Supply and Gear” or internationally, “Support Aid Group.”

We are seeing a huge increase in those who choose to serve as Trail Drivers – those who actually mange and drive the trail alongside endurance athletes. Because there are more and more people who are choosing to push their bodies further and further in the exploration of endurance activities, we are seeing the support systems around those athletes really get better.

bmw-1216469_1920Having a support system is absolutely crucial for athletes to achieve many of their hardest fought victories.

The supply and gear needed for tours of athletes to move on a journey is one of the most critical mental and physical supports that you can put with a team. A great Trail Driver can give information, manage medical issues, offer trail support (including nutrition), review gear, and snub disasters off before they start.

Leading a team from behind takes a continuous amount of planning and great leadership upfront. Those that choose that role choose to be thoughtful, ever ready, and are there to support endurance athletes through the worst times.

As Master Trail Driver I can tell you that you will sit through some of an athlete’s worst times the longer you trail drive.

I have been the support for all of my husband’s crazy endeavors, and if you are trail driving for someone you love, you will have to trust that they can make their own decisions about their body.

If you are trail driving for a team you can be the difference between an athlete completing a race or not by having the right amount of fuel, keeping track of time, watching over the weather, managing small injuries so they don’t increase, and more.

You also have a chance at being the voice that assures the athlete that they can meet their own goals.

Out of all the crazy events that I have been on there has never been a time I wasn’t in awe of the endurance and dedication that an athlete puts into reaching their goals.

Trail well.

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